2601, 2021

Coping with Our Third Lockdown

There’s no universal response to the lockdown but certainly  we are understanding that a surge in referrals to are centre over and above what is [...]

2510, 2019

Trainee on Board!

CCBT Cork maintains strong links with CBT training programmes  & as such we are pleased to welcome Tara Kearns as a trainee with the centre [...]

1809, 2019

CBT for Depression

How CBT helps with depression. If you have depression, you are likely to feel trapped and stuck in your life much of the time and [...]

2709, 2018

Metaphor in Therapy

18 year old Quentin & Margo in conversation… Quentin ; “When I’ve thought about him dying – which admittedly isn’t that much – I always [...]

2709, 2018


Metaphor is a central tool of the therapist of many therapeutic modalities, and metaphors are a particular feature of CBT. The business of CBT is [...]

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